Hello Friends, how the bloody hell are you on this beautiful day ? Apologies for the onslaught of Aussie, my vernacular and accent have rapidly re-expanded after spending the last few months down under visiting family. Today’s topic of conversation is a dive into the inception of my relationship with Joe, lover of my life who we all know to be FROME’s founder and CEO. More specifically we’ll be discussing our first date and why based on our very own love story, I personally believe ( nay know ) that an in-person connection early on in the dating process is absolutely imperative for a long lasting one.
Spoiler alert, there isn’t one. BUT WAIT, please don’t let that deter you in terms of dating or reading this blog for that matter. I just think we’ve all spent enough time on this earth to know that perfection isn’t attainable in any area of life, least of all when finding then falling for a partner. And it’s sometimes in the pursuit of perfection where we make the greatest mistakes. So I thought today’s topic could be a little toe tip into that impossible pursuit of perfection in a partner, how great relationships can be ruined when expectations are too high and why the myth of ” The One ” is ruining today’s dating landscape. Grab a glass of wine or favoured non- alcoholic beverage, and let’s dive in…
Hello Friends, I hope you’re well and happy on this beautiful Monday. How am I you ask ? Well, I’m fucking wonderful. Not only did I just get back from an amazing 3 month trip down under, a period of time that fulfilled me to the highest degree. But arriving back in LA marked me being comfortably back in my man’s arms, thus ending the specific suffering that is long distance. As valentines day approaches, I find myself not only feeling very grateful that I get to celebrate it with the man I will marry (it’ll be our first and probably only one as fiancé’s, this year’s feeling a little more special than years of past) but also relishing in the love that’s most definitely in the air.
Hi, Hannah here ! Hope the past week has been delicious on many levels of life, and that your minds are open, drinks are in hand and we are collectively ready to dive into today’s topic. Which is, the peaks and pitfalls that are commonly associated with dating a powerful person. 
Helllooo ! It’s Hannah here ( duh ) and I’m hoping that this last week was delicious on all, if not most levels of life for you and the ones you love. Apologies, but today’s topic won’t be a long one by any means. It’s just I was chatting with Joe about future blog posts the other day ( we’re a collaborative couple ) and suddenly had a thought… what, if any of the major dating apps on the market today somewhat match up perfectly with a city in my second home, America. Incredibly specific, I know. Maybe the initial inspiration came from seeing this hilarious map of LA but in NY suburbs on insta, or the amazingly accurate video did in collaboration with FROME recently. In any case, I felt the need to write a little something about it, so here we go…LA =Raya
Hi, Hannah here ! Today’s topic of discussion is one of my favorite activities, pretty much the only form of exercise I willingly do and my most preferred stress release… The Big C. Yes, I mean Coituis. Haha sorry, I can hear the “ewww ” from here and will apologize for calling it by its most clinical name. But I figured we’d start there, and I’ll work my way down the list of tongue twisters we’ve collectively come up with over the years. Also, please be forewarned that there will be many innuendoes and puns scattered through-out as I simply cannot help myself. Okay, let’s dive in…
Hello dear readers, Hannah here ! What a beautiful day it is, and I hope it’s been equally fantastic all week long. For the next few weeks, I thought we’d get a little more personal with ze blogs. So today’s topic of conversation are a few of my very own dating highs and horrors, which are varied and plentiful let me tell you right now. See I was in a couple long term relationships before meeting my fiancé, yet was also single in LA for years in between. So just based on that, we know I’m most likely locked and loaded with a litany of laughs and lows to share for your pure entertainment.
Hi, Hannah here ! Took a week off to spend with the fam but we are back, better than ever and ready to dive into today’s topic of conversation… which is, the modern dating world and how to navigate it. Now, I believe we can collectively agree that dating today is not for the faint of heart. It’s an ever changing landscape that proves to be incredibly hard to traverse. Thanks to, in part, the overwhelming amount of apps or infuriating/disheartening trends that are wayyy to prevalent i.e ghosting, bread crumbing or just being a straight up shitty person. However don’t lose hope, as there are some tips and tricks available to help aid in your quest for true connection and love.
Hi, Hannah here ! Missed you all, and hope this last week has been fan-fuckin-tastic on all if not most levels of life. Today’s topic of discussion is long distance relationships, something I’m currently living so I feel I have the right and experience to weigh in on. And actually, I find myself in even more of a interesting situation considering we got engaged 5 days before I left to go back to Australia for three months, while my man stayed in NY continuing to grow this amazing app. Almost the furthest physically two people could be, in what’s supposed to be one of the most exciting times of life. We’re only two weeks in, and let me just tell you… this shit ain’t easy. Especially for someone like myself, who because of habitually dating serial cheaters in the past, have a certain proclivity to being suspicious over the most basic inconsistencies. But more on that later…
I know, I’m sorry for the slightly cringy title. But it’s the only time of year I’m able to use it and I refuse to be robbed of this simple, dorky joy. Hi, Hannah here ! Today’s topic of discussion are my thoughts and overall selling points on the most mouthwatering and seasonally appropriate beers, wines and/or cocktails available this fall in one of my many homes, New York.
As the new year unfolds, many people ( my handsome husband included ) decide to embark on the journey of Dry January—a month-long commitment to abstain from alcohol.
Back with another podcast recap and this week, we had the pleasure of hosting the remarkable Liv Schreiber. A true trailblazer known for donning the crown of a CEO queen as the founder of Brand Caffeine and Hot and Social,
Annnnnd we’re back with another Top Cities and Venues of the Month ! These are some of my favorite to write, because whether you’re a seasoned dater navigating the twists and turns of love or someone on the lookout for fresh and exciting date ideas,
In the latest episode of First Rounds On Me, our listeners were treated to an engaging and insightful conversation with none other than the charismatic and all around legend of a human, Monte Taylor. Monte kicked off the episode by providing a behind-the-scenes look at the mental toughness required for reality TV, particularly on shows like Big Brother. Our listeners gained some valuable insights into the challenges contestants face and the strategies they employ to navigate the intense environment of competitive reality shows. Monte then opened up about the struggles men encounter in embracing vulnerability, addressing societal expectations and the importance of breaking free from traditional stereotypes. He then shared valuable insights on healthy dating habits, emphasizing the importance of authenticity. We were all encouraged to be true to ourselves early and often in the dating game, fostering genuine connections built on honesty and openness. He then weighed in on the texting aspect of dating apps, emphasizing less texting and more meeting. This part of our convo underlined the significance of spontaneous moments and the beauty of genuine, in-person connections, which of course is music to our ears. Lessons I learnt along the way ? So, so many…. but perhaps it was when Monte reiterated his golden rule, which is that he has no room for negativity in his dating life, that really resonated with me. This positive approach to the dating realm really emphasizes the importance of fostering an uplifting, encouraging and optimistic atmosphere in relationships. An attitude that I believe we all need to embrace, both in dating and for life in general. Safe to say, this is a must watch episode all around. Check it out here, explore Monte’s socials here, and as always, stay tuned for more exciting episodes and captivating conversations on First Rounds On Me’s Youtube Channel here. Also, please remind that big and beautiful brain of yours to stay up to date with all the delicious dating content our incredible social team puts together on Instagram and TikTok. Until next time x
Dating during the holidays comes with its own set of unique dynamics. The pressure to find that perfect someone to share the season with, then spend it in the perfect way, is akin to searching for the ideal gift in an overcrowded mall. This societal expectation for picture-perfect moments, inspired by holiday movies depicting romantic bliss, can create a sense of longing and lacking expectations for many. However, within these challenges lie numerous opportunities to create memorable moments with someone new, or deepen connections with an existing romance. Grab a glass of eggnog, and lets dive in…
December brings more than just cold weather and festive cheer my friends—it transforms the digital dating landscape into a winter wonderland ripe with opportunities to capture attention and spark connections. In today’s blog, I wanted to explore the art of crafting the perfect online dating profile, offering tips and tricks to sleigh your way into the hearts of potential matches. Some that will ensure your profile not only reflects your genuine self, but also radiates the enchanting spirit of the holiday season. Fostering connections destined to make your December dating adventures both memorable and merry. Grab a glass of wine, and let’s dive in…
We’re back with another podcast recap, and this week, we had the true pleasure of hosting none other than Felix Levine.
I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but over the last few weeks, every dating entity, influencer and their mother have been talking about this topic. And after doing some research, I can very much understand why. Today, we’re talking about
Two podcasts recaps in one week ! Lucky you. That’s because for the first time in FROME history, we played host to a power-packed collaboration with Kristen Doute and Luke Broderick on their podcast “Sex, Love, and What Else Matters” The result ? A big and beautiful fusion of these two worlds, that brought a unique twist to our typical conversations, ensuring listeners from both sides were in for a real treat.
In the latest episode of First Rounds On Me, we were privileged to dive into the world of luxury hospitality, lust and love with the one and only Graham Arnold, distinguished former General Manager of Soho House West Hollywood and all around amazing human. Graham’s rich background in luxury hospitality not only shaped his illustrious career, but also provided some very unique insights into the delicate dance of dating in a city as vibrant as Los Angeles.
The holiday season is upon us my friends. With its twinkling lights, merry amounts of liquor and promises of peace and joy, it’s a time that often brings families together for celebrations. Yet, beneath the veneer of festive cheer, many find themselves tiptoeing through the minefield of awkward family gatherings. Whether you’re part of a couple or flying solo, these gatherings can be a minefield of uncomfortable conversations, strained relationships, differing opinions, or unresolved tensions. Recently, one of our beloved FROME team members, Dani, shared a video on navigating family gatherings, especially those laden with pesky questions of singledom. That vid somewhat inspired today’s blog, so grab a glass of wine and buckle in as we explore this survival guide, offering advice on how couples and singles alike can handle potentially awkward family gatherings with grace during this holiday season…
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