Safety Features on Our Dating App

Two-Factor Authentication (TFA):

  • Enhanced Security:Users are verified through TFA during sign-up, ensuring a secure app experience.

Last Name Lookup:

  • Feel Secure: Share your last name for a quick self-check, promoting a sense of safety.

Instagram Handle Integration:

  • Verify Connections: Linked Instagram handles allow a quick search on IG, adding an extra layer of assurance.

Date Location Privacy:

  • Your Comfort Matters: The app is aware of your date location; choose places where you feel most comfortable.

Date Check-In Alert:

  • Emergency Assistance: Receive a discreet alert 15 minutes into the date; linked emergency text provides a quick exit strategy.

Pre-Date Chat Window:

  • Establish Comfort: Engage in conversation up to 12 hours before the date, ensuring the conversation aligns with your expectations.

Verified Badge:

  • Trustworthy Connections: Look for the verified badge indicating users’ verification through Appstore payment and our verification process.

Selfie Verification Blue Check:

  • Real-Time Authentication: Users can verify themselves through a selfie, denoted by a blue check, ensuring real and authentic profiles.
  1. Online Behavior:
  • Protect Your Finances: Never send money; report any request immediately.
  • Safeguard Personal Information: Never share sensitive details with strangers.
  • Be Web Wise: Block and report suspicious users; keep conversations on the platform.
  1. Report Suspicious Behavior:
  • Users violating terms, such as solicitation, harassment, or fraudulent activities, should be reported promptly.
  1. Offline Behavior:
  • Get to Know Before Meeting: Limit communications to the platform initially.
  • Meet in Public: First meetings should occur in populated, public places.
  • Inform Others: Share plans with friends or family; keep your phone with you.
  • Independent Transportation: Ensure you have control over your transportation.
  1. Stay Sober:
  • Avoid substances impairing judgment; be cautious of altered beverages.
  1. Health:
  • Practice Safe Sex: Encourage the use of protection to prevent STIs.
  • Open Communication: Discuss sexual health with partners honestly.
  • Vaccination: Explore vaccination options with healthcare professionals.
  1. Emergency Support:
  • Call 911 for immediate threats or violence.
  • Seek Help: Hotlines for support on issues of assault, violence, or health dangers.

For violations or concerns, report promptly. Your safety is paramount.


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