Graham Arnold on Love, Lust and Luxury Hospitality

In the latest episode of First Rounds On Me, we were privileged to dive into the world of luxury hospitality, lust and love with the one and only Graham Arnold, distinguished former General Manager of Soho House West Hollywood and all around amazing human. Graham’s rich background in luxury hospitality not only shaped his illustrious career, but also provided some very unique insights into the delicate dance of dating in a city as vibrant as Los Angeles.

Within the ep, Graham shared the ethos of Soho House, emphasizing that in a world full of expectations, the exclusive members’ club embraces individuals just as they are. He also offered a candid look into his personal life, spilling the details on his journey through dating apps, presenting insights and recommendations, especially tailored for the queer community. This lil’ segment also provided an intimate look into the dating landscape, both online and offline.

Lesson I learnt along the way ? Say it with me….SO many. But it was when Graham emphasized the crucial role of vulnerability in establishing meaningful connections, with his wisdom highlighting the transformative potential of openness and authenticity in building any type of relationship that really got me. Along with the fact that, drawing from his experiences in a city pulsating with energy, he shed light on the challenges of dating in a world that often feels like a numbers game for all the wrong reasons. Which resonated heavily with me, and I’m sure will with you also.

Check out the full episode here, explore Graham’s socials here and as always, stay tuned for more exciting episodes and captivating conversations on First Rounds On Me’s Youtube Channel here. Also, please remind that big and beautiful brain of yours to stay up to date with all the delicious dating content our incredible social team puts together on Instagram and TikTok. Until next time x


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