FROME’S Top Cities and Venues of December

Annnnnd we’re back with another Top Cities and Venues of the Month ! These are some of my favorite to write, because whether you’re a seasoned dater navigating the twists and turns of love or someone on the lookout for fresh and exciting date ideas, this curated roundup is here to guide you through the world of romance that unfolded across some of the nation’s most vibrant cities. From bustling metropolises to charming hideaways, discover the top cities and venues that made December a month to remember. Grab a glass of wine and a notepad, and let’s dive in…

Philadelphia – 38 Dates

In a surprising ( yet delicious ) turn of events, Philadelphia takes the lead for the first time ever, boasting an impressive 38 dates ! Proving that the City of Brotherly Love is also the City of Romantic Connections. Amidst this surge of romantic joy, a standout venue emerged in the form of Barcade, stealing the spotlight by hosting 9 unforgettable dates. This gaming-themed bar not only infused an air of nostalgia but also injected a playful spirit into the realm of Fromie’s love connections. The fusion of retro arcade games and a vibrant social atmosphere provides a dynamic and engaging setting for couples seeking a unique and entertaining backdrop for their romantic rendezvous.

New York – 36 Dates

In the city that never sleeps, December’s dating landscape mirrored the dynamic energy that defines New York. From intimate coffee shop encounters to grand rooftop rendezvous, the diverse array of dating experiences underscored the versatility of the city’s romantic offerings. Amidst the twinkling lights, festive vibes, and brisk winter air, couples found themselves immersed in the magic that only New York City can conjure with 36 dates recorded. We have no clear winner for Top Spot but New York City will always remains a vibrant backdrop for countless burgeoning love stories against the iconic skyline.

Atlanta – 32 Dates

Southern charm and warmth characterize Atlanta, which claimed our third spot with 32 dates. The diverse range of venues in this city ensures that love finds its way in every corner. “But Hannah, what was the top spot” I hear you ask ? Well, you’re in for a treat as we have a tie ! Atlanta’s romantic essence is beautifully epitomized by the enchanting Barcelona Wine Bar. This intimate wine bar, adorned with its cozy ambiance, emerged as a clear favorite, playing host to 5 spectacular dates in the past month. Couples found solace in its warm atmosphere, making it an ideal setting to unwind, savor fine wines, and foster deep connections. Sharing the limelight is the sophisticated STK Steakhouse, an upscale venue that injected a much needed touch of elegance into the December dating scene. With its refined décor, impeccable service, and a menu boasting culinary excellence, STK Steakhouse consistently delivers an elevated dining experience. As the venue of choice for of our Fromie’s romantic rendezvous, it has proven to be a haven for those seeking a blend of upscale charm and gastronomic delight.

Los Angeles – 31 Dates

Whether it’s a trendy downtown restaurant or a beachside rendezvous, LA undeniably maintains its status as a captivating and ever-evolving romantic hotspot, securing our fourth position with 31 dates. Top Spot ? JOEY DTLA claims it by setting the stage for 5 memorable dates. This chic venue not only serves as a backdrop for romantic connections but also encapsulates the essence of sophisticated ambiance and delectable, delicious delights. As couples step into JOEY DTLA, they are enveloped in an atmosphere that seamlessly blends style, warmth, and culinary excellence.

Chicago – 25 Dates

Braving the winter chill, Chicago wraps up our top five list with 25 dates. Similar to New York, there’s no decisive winner for the coveted Top Spot, but I assure you, the Windy City’s allure, coupled with its picturesque vistas and snug venues, set the stage for many enchanting love stories throughout the month of December.

Honorable Mention

Boston – 11 Dates

Although Boston might not have clinched a spot in our Top Cities list this past month, there’s a standout venue that deserves its moment in the spotlight. Tavern in the Square has unmistakably declared itself as the go-to spot, playing host to an impressive total of 11 dates. What sets Tavern in the Square apart is more than just the number of dates it facilitated; it’s the warm ambiance and diverse menu that have collectively contributed to its undeniable appeal. This venue has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of Boston’s dating landscape, marked by its inviting atmosphere and charming décor, which provides the ideal backdrop for couples to relax and engage in meaningful conversations. And the food ? Mouthwatering. From delectable appetizers to palate-pleasing entrees, the culinary offerings cater to various tastes, ensuring that each date is a delightful culinary journey.

From the gaming-themed charm of Barcade in Philadelphia to the sophisticated elegance of JOEY DTLA in Los Angeles, and the cozy ambiance of Barcelona Wine Bar and STK Steakhouse in Atlanta, each city contributed its unique flavor to the love stories woven during the month. As we step into 2024, let this be a reminder that love can blossom anywhere. Cheers, to a year filled with more dates, more discoveries, and countless moments that make our hearts skip a beat!


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