Reality Bites: Monte Taylor’s Take on Intentions, Negativity, and Healthy Dating Habits

In the latest episode of First Rounds On Me, our listeners were treated to an engaging and insightful conversation with none other than the charismatic and all around legend of a human, Monte Taylor. Monte kicked off the episode by providing a behind-the-scenes look at the mental toughness required for reality TV, particularly on shows like Big Brother. Our listeners gained some valuable insights into the challenges contestants face and the strategies they employ to navigate the intense environment of competitive reality shows.

Monte then opened up about the struggles men encounter in embracing vulnerability, addressing societal expectations and the importance of breaking free from traditional stereotypes. He then shared valuable insights on healthy dating habits, emphasizing the importance of authenticity. We were all encouraged to be true to ourselves early and often in the dating game, fostering genuine connections built on honesty and openness. He then weighed in on the texting aspect of dating apps, emphasizing less texting and more meeting. This part of our convo underlined the significance of spontaneous moments and the beauty of genuine, in-person connections, which of course is music to our ears.

Lessons I learnt along the way ? So, so many…. but perhaps it was when Monte reiterated his golden rule, which is that he has no room for negativity in his dating life, that really resonated with me. This positive approach to the dating realm really emphasizes the importance of fostering an uplifting, encouraging and optimistic atmosphere in relationships. An attitude that I believe we all need to embrace, both in dating and for life in general.

Safe to say, this is a must watch episode all around. Check it out here, explore Monte’s socials here, and as always, stay tuned for more exciting episodes and captivating conversations on First Rounds On Me’s Youtube Channel here. Also, please remind that big and beautiful brain of yours to stay up to date with all the delicious dating content our incredible social team puts together on Instagram and TikTok. Until next time x


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