When Podcasting Gets Personal with Felix Levine

We’re back with another podcast recap, and this week, we had the true pleasure of hosting none other than Felix Levine. This episode embarks on a journey through Felix’s multi-faceted life, exploring his podcasting journey, his revolutionary ventures with LYNX, his favorite FROME feature and an intimate glimpse into his romantic world alongside the fabulous Serena Kerrigan

The episode started by diving into Felix’s podcasting career, with him sharing his thoughts on metrics vs the relationships that are built and the one defining day that made him realise this podcast was way more than a hobby. Then, both Felix and Joe, the brilliant minds behind apps shaping real-world connections, offered a glimpse into their respective tech journeys.

Felix goes on to dish out some relationship wisdom, from decoding red flags like not reaching for the wallet on a date to encouraging women to initiate compliments – a podcast full of pearls of wisdom. He then dives into the inception of his relationship with the wonderful Serena Kerrigan. In his own words, despite intending to keep things strictly professional with Serena that very first day, fate had its own plan.

Lesson I learnt along the way ? So, SO many. He’s a smart fella with a wealth of insight for his relatively young age. But it was when Felix shared his take on the dating game, advocating for intentionality over gimmicks that really resonated with me. ” Games are not sexy; intentionality is.” And that love, as he believes, often thrives when we least anticipate it. Truly insightful perspectives for those ready to take the plunge into the world of dating.

Check out the full episode here, explore Felix’s socials here, and as always, stay tuned for more exciting episodes and captivating conversations on First Rounds On Me’s Youtube Channel here. Also, please remind that big and beautiful brain of yours to stay up to date with all the delicious dating content our incredible social team puts together on Instagram and TikTok. Until next time x


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