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If you’ve ever been skeptical of finding love through a dating app, I hope today’s topic convinces you otherwise. Because Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends and fellow Fromies… I am so ridiculously excited to announce that Joe and I got married a few Friday’s ago. Just him and I ( with our respective best friends by our side ) at the Beverly Hills courthouse, in what was the most simple yet sweet ceremony we could’ve asked for. Followed up by a night with our family of friends, with big ol’ parties to come in our respective hometowns.

Now listen, I am incredibly sentimental and sensitive gal. A true and complete romantic… I fricken’ love, love. Always have, and my own marriage was something I’d dreamt about for the longest time. He is everything I’ve ever wanted in a Husband, a Partner, a Best Friend. And through the countless ways and words I get shown and told on the daily, I know he feels the exact same way. However… I know for a damn fact that neither of us were exactly what we expected to end up with. Nor did we ever think we’d find our forever person in that way. Yet by taking a leap of faith that first night and forgoing the typical dating plunders, we found what we had always been looking for. So, that’s what I want to talk about today. How focusing on one connection or match at a time ( aka using apps in the right way ) combined with being open to deviating from your norm and pushing past any jaded feelings surrounding online dating could very well land you the person of your dreams..

For those who are new here, the Joe I’m referring to is Joesph Feminella ( CEO and founder of FROME ) and my now handsome husband. He started this company and community as a way to help people experience true connection among the madness of online dating today. And clearly, found it for himself along the way. I shared an in-depth look at how we met in a previous post, and if that interests you check it out here ( ). But longest story short, we met on a dating app. Hinge to be specific, though if FROME had been more than a thought at the point, I stand confident behind the notion that we would’ve met there. Because you see, we met in a spontaneous way that serendipitously alines with FROME’s core message. We used the wonders of technology to meet, but chose to utilise it in the most genuine and organic way possible. Matched, a quick G’day and interesting initial questions followed shortly by “Okay, when can I take you out ? “. The space from which we matched to when we met in person was a mere 4 hours. Then had the pleasure of getting to know each other face to face, where our connection sparked and blossomed.

However we have mused and agreed upon many times that if we didn’t take a chance that very first night, the chances of us actually meeting, let alone connecting in such beautiful long lasting manner most likely wouldn’t have happened. The night Joe and I went out, I was at the end of my fucking tether with dating. And he was new to town, ready to explore LA bachelor life. Perhaps not the ideal recipe for a first date to turn into a long lasting relationship. Yet, it did. And we ended up meeting the love of our lives.

So I’m here today to tell you, learn how to use apps in the right way. There’s no denying that they’re a necessary part of today’s dating world. However our dependence on that technology can seriously harm the possibility of true connection. Rather than meeting up soon after online chemistry has been made like Joe and I, people are either carefully crafting texts for days ( sometimes even weeks ) in the hopes of putting their best food forward. Or using them as time and/or ego fillers. If you’re serious about finding a partner and love, they need to be used as the tool they were intended to be.. a technological gateway, a brief pre cursor to actually getting to know someone in real life.

Because who know’s what can happen… You meet, don’t vibe and go to sleep that night knowing you’ve put yourself out there ? Pat yourself on the back, you’re intentionally dating. Get ghosted unexpectedly ? Well babe, now you have better eyes for potential red flags. Perhaps you go on a few dates when the fires suddenly fizzle ? You’ve gone and obtained yourself some valuable information on what you want and don’t want. Or, just maybe… you’re getting ready to go out on your last first date ever. You won’t know until you try.

I also need you to remember a vital piece of information… the person who has potential to be your forever partner may not be what you initially thought you wanted. I touched on this briefly in another past post ( ) but if you told me before meeting Joe that I would be falling for a sports obsessed CEO of a dating app, who’s a gym junkie that likes waking up at 8am even on the weekend, I would’ve laughed in your face. On paper, that was far from what I wanted. In reality, those parts of him and so much more are what motivate me in the best ways. Heck, even our wedding day reflected this.. Though our union did come in the simplest of versions ( and was at 9:45am ), it was still our wedding day. And as we all know, I’m the most sentimental. So please understand that with anybody else, or even as a younger version of myself, this next statement would’ve been absolutely unimaginable. My now husband went straight to work. Well, we stopped by the Soho House for some breakfast and bubbly in celebration. I then got dropped off at home by my best friend, he stayed and worked. Until about 8pm. Crazy, right ? To most, yes. To us, no. I married this man because I love him, and everything that he encompasses. The passion and commitment he has for this app, and helping others is more than most people have for anything in life. And is a beautiful thread that binds us. So as his wife, even on our wedding day, I have to dismiss any preconceived notions about what this day should be. And understand what will actually brings us joy, what we want it to be. Sitting at home making eyes with each other until the festivities of the night ? Or, working hard just like any other day to help others feel what we just felt ? The latter, always.

We now have this big beautiful life ahead of us. And it all started with one, spontaneous date… So next time the opportunity presents itself on another app ( or you finally decide to use FROME, which is literally based in just that ) I urge you to take a leap of faith. Until next time x


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