FROME’s Top Cities and Venues of the Month !


In a world where modern dating often takes place in the digital realm, we at FROME think it’s a refreshing change to hear that people are stepping out from behind their screen, and indulging in real-life dates. It’s why my handsome husband created this app, and the mission our team runs on. With each FROME city exuding its own unique charm, and an array of venues vying for your attention, I’ve asked our amazing team to round up the top FROME date spots from across those cities that have been lighting up the dating scene as of late. Grab a glass of wine, and let’s dive in…

Our number one city for the second month running, nestled in the heart of the South, is the beautiful city of Atlanta. Let me just say… I’m impressed, and y’all deserve a forehead kiss. Why you ask ? Because your beautiful city is boasting a vibrant dating scene that has seen an impressive 29 first dates this month. Among the city’s standout venues, Tin Lizzy Cantina ( ) takes the lead with an impressive 7 dates. Its laid-back yet lively atmosphere, delectable Tex-Mex cuisine, and well-crafted cocktails make it the perfect backdrop for those initial sparks to fly. And I personally cannot wait to try.

With its sun-kissed beaches and electric nightlife, Miami is always know for setting the stage with romance that’s both sizzling and sublime. It lands our number 2 on the list today, with Tap 42 Kitchen ( ) emerging as our fellow Fromies top choice. Hosting 7 of the 27 dates this month, this haven for foodies and craft beer enthusiasts alike has an inviting ambiance and eclectic menu that creates an environment where good times must be had, and connections can flourish.

In the city that never sleeps, finding a spot that captures the essence of New York date night life is absolutely essential. Le Saloon Cocktail Bar and Lounge steals the spotlight with an impressive 12 out of 27 dates this month. Nestled in the bustling streets of New York, this chic establishment seamlessly merges classic elegance with a contemporary edge, making it a haven for those looking to ignite meaningful connections and make lasting memories. * Please note Le Saloon Bar is now permanently closed, which is an incredible bummer and we at FROME are sad to see them go*

With its vibrant arts and laid-back vibe, Austin dating scene holds a certain allure that’s truly hard to resist. It’s been a consistent FROME favourite for many reasons, and this month 77° Rooftop Bar ( ) emerges as our frontrunner, playing host to 5 of the 20 dates. This 3-story rooftop patio bar perched atop the city offers stunning views, signature cocktails, and an ambiance that encourages easy conversations and authentic connections.

The Windy City of Chicago boasts a rich tapestry of culture, and its dating scene is no exception. As the curtains rise on 19 dates this month, Chicagoans find themselves drawn to diverse locales that reflect the city’s dynamism. We had no clear winner for top venue, but from charming cafes to hip bistros, the cityscape is the perfect canvas for first impressions that last.

Special Mention – Now while Nashville isn’t in our top cities this month ( I expected more tbh ), it’s music-filled streets clearly still resonate with the hum of romance, and this month, L.A. Jackson ( ) stood out with 5 unforgettable dates. Perched atop the Thompson Nashville, this rooftop bar has been voted Nashville Scene’s Best Rooftop Bar 5 years running (technically 6 including writer’s choice, but who’s counting?) and provides an exquisite setting to savor cocktails while gazing at the city lights. Fostering an atmosphere that encourages connections to take center stage.

Whether you’re in the heart of the South, basking in Miami’s glow, navigating New York’s myriad possibilities, embracing Austin’s charm, immersing yourself in Chicago’s culture, or savoring the sounds of Nashville, remember that each of the venue above hold the promise of a memorable journey – one first date at a time. Until next time x

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