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Helllooo ! It’s Hannah here ( duh ) and I’m hoping that this last week was delicious on all, if not most levels of life for you and the ones you love. Apologies, but today’s topic won’t be a long one by any means. It’s just I was chatting with Joe about future blog posts the other day ( we’re a collaborative couple ) and suddenly had a thought… what, if any of the major dating apps on the market today somewhat match up perfectly with a city in my second home, America. Incredibly specific, I know. Maybe the initial inspiration came from seeing this hilarious map of LA but in NY suburbs on insta, or the amazingly accurate video https://www.atyourleisurenyc.com/ did in collaboration with FROME recently. In any case, I felt the need to write a little something about it, so here we go…LA =Raya

Raya is a private, membership-based dating/social network app that may be the most exclusive on our list today. And I believe it personifies LA is many ways, good and bad. On one hand, both city and app are little to obsessed with youth, money and stature. Giving you ideas of grandeur and promising a smattering of shiny stars and exclusive experiences. However, the harsh light of day can sometimes reveal the sea of ego’s filling self proclaimed someone’s, that look a lil’ shinier from afar. But that’s not to say this exclusive community doesn’t have some real pro’s and benefits. I was actually only on Raya, before downloading Hinge on a whim and meeting my man. I found great comfort in knowing the person I was talking to had been fully vetted, and throughly enjoyed the social connections aspect. Whether you’re new to LA and want to rub shoulders with the perceived elite, or simply have set your sights on higher ground.. if you make it past the screening process, I highly recommend this app as it gives a little more bang for your buck than others.

Hinge = Nashville 

Nashville was necessary for this list, but truth be told it was hard for me to place as I feel it could be associated with many different dating apps. It has a vibrant music and independent art scene that sits side by side with big business and governmental entities. It screams progressive in a lot of ways, though seems to still be heavily influenced by it’s god fearing cousins of the south. There’s a transient nature to a lot of it’s transplants considering the artistic thread, yet many were born and will only live within the city limits. But that’s why I chose Hinge as it’s counterpart, because I feel it represents a plethora of people. Much like the beautiful city of Nashville, Hinge is a playground in which you could find any walk of life. 

Las Vegas = Tinder

The Vegas scene is notorious for being populated by people who want to leave their choices open, and plentiful. And while a lot of dating apps do run in that vein, I feel Tinder embodies that ethos to a fucking tee. If you are looking for instant gratification, this city and this app are the absolute epitome of such. Touting a collection of humans that are looking for a good time not a long time in most area’s of life, both are the preferred place for one-night encounters. So I feel, nay I know Vegas and Tinder go hand in hand.. and could possibly be the most perfect pairing on this short list. 

New York = First Rounds on Me 

Now before I dive into the US city that matches up with FROME, I just have to say this… Some may say I’m biased, but I personally believe that the blueprint of FROME would absolutely thrive in the Australian dating environment. We Aussie’s by nature are very spontaneous, don’t really like to fuck around in any area of life and have first date banter for dayyyss. In fact data from our friendly rivals over at Hinge revealed that out of all its users, Australians are the most likely to turn a conversation into a date. So help me in my quest of convincing Joe that the next stop on our global FROME tour should be down under, please and thank you. However considering we are strictly talking within the US of A, we all know it has to be big city with the bright lights, New York. Not only for the fact it’s where our app wasconceptualizedby my handsome husband, the dating scene being the inspiration. But with the no bullshit, go after what I want attitude that New Yorkers embody, the city is synonymous with this app and our community. After all, they’re basically Australian’s with funny accents. 

Short and sweet, as promised. Know I’m locked and loaded with some really interesting topics these next coming weeks, so keep your minds and eyes open for some juicy, lengthy musings. But I also suggest you check out our podcast over at https://www.youtube.com/@firstroundsonme ! It’s in very best hands with Joe and the amazing Steve ( yes ladies, THE Steve on the street ) until I can once again join in on the fun. I urge you to lend us your ears for an hour each week, you won’t regret it. Until next time x


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