The Importance of Open Communication with Lindsey Metselaar of We Met At Acme

In the ever-changing landscape of modern dating and relationships, finding good guidance can be like navigating a maze blindfolded. Thankfully, we had the privilege of hosting a truly exceptional guest on our podcast this past week , someone who shines a light on this perplexing path and makes the journey a little less daunting and lonely. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Lindsey Metselaar, the creative genius behind the wildly popular “We Met at Acme” podcast.

For those living under a rock, “We Met at Acme” covers a wide range of dating topics, offering listeners actionable advice that can help them navigate the often tumultuous world of dating. Whether it’s managing expectations, communication, understanding the challenges of modern dating and/or everything in between, Lindsey’s insights are nothing short of invaluable. What’s unique about her perspective is that she’s not just a dating guru; she’s also a married woman and soon-to-be mom, giving her a multifaceted view of love, dating and relationships.

Lesson I learnt along the way ? Just as with the sweet Ilana Dunn’s episode, so, so many… but my key takeaways this week are less to do with Joe and myself personally and more to do with the aforementioned invaluable advice – Lindsey highlighted the quote, “We live in a generation of suppressing and not expressing,” which emphazied the significance of open communication for life in general, but in particular within the realm of dating and dating apps. She also shared some unconventional, left of centre dating tips, that in my humble opinion, will definitely lead to more successful and fulfilling relationships. In fact I really do believe that her unique approach and outlook challenges the traditional and sometimes stifling dating norms we deal with today, and provides a truly fresh perspective on many different subjects through-out the course of the podcast.

Safe to say, this is definitely an episode I think you should watch. It will make you laugh, make you think and most definitely leave you with some new and much needed knowledge. Watch the full episode here, and make sure to check out all the hilarious and relatable dating content our incredible FROME team puts together on Instagram and TikTok. Until next time x


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