The Hottest Dating Trends in August

My single and fabulous souls, hello ! It’s that time of the year when the sun is shining, the drinks are flowing, and romance is most definitely in the air. As the summer heat reaches its peak, so apparently does the dating world. But wait… before you dive headfirst into the scene this August, let’s take a closer look at the trends that are heating up and the ones that are cooling down faster than an ice cream cone on a scorching day. Grab a glass of wine ( with a couple of ice cubes ) and let’s dive in…

IN : Outdoor AdventuresOUT : Over-the-Top First Dates

As August unleashes its sunny charm, the trend of outdoor dating adventures takes center stage. Whether you’re strolling through the lush greenery of a park hand-in-hand after a sweet lil’ coffee date, exploring breathtaking hiking trails with your hearts racing as you stop for a juice, sipping on something refreshing at a beachside cafe or clinking glasses on a rooftop bar over looking the city, these adventures offer the perfect setting to connect with someone in a relaxed and fun environment. The appeal of outdoor adventures lies not only in their romantic ambiance and spontaneity, but also in the way they ease the pressure of traditional dating. People are rightfully eager to bask in nature’s glory while getting to know their potential partners, and I’m here for it. On the other hand, we are saying farewell to the era of extravagant first dates that feel more like a Hollywood production than a genuine connection. Before you come for me, understand that daters today are looking for lively conversations and intimate moments rather than the immense pressure of impressing each other with elaborate, over-the-top plans. Simple, authentic, and down-to-earth first dates are all the rage right now because ultimately, the beauty of dating is not about the glitz and glamour; it’s about the real sparks that fly when two people connect.

IN : Slow Dating, OUT : Ghosting and Casual Fades

In the age of instant gratification, Slow Dating is gaining traction as a more intentional approach to the dating world. It’s a delightful departure from the fast-paced swiping culture that can sometimes leave us feeling overwhelmed and disconnected. The essence of slow dating lies in embracing the idea that quality is far more important than quantity. Rather than juggling multiple matches, slow dating encourages us to focus our attention and energy on one match at a time. And sitting right at the top of any “out” list in my opinion, are Ghosting and Casual Fades. August is the time to exorcise those bad dating habits and face your fears head-on. No more vanishing or disappearing acts, please. Let’s all agree to communicate like mature adults, even if that means awkwardly expressing that you’re just not feeling the spark. The emphasis on genuine connections and mindful dating makes these abrupt disappearances way less attractive. Instead, open communication and respect for one another’s feelings is finally seen as sexy, and gaining some much needed prominence within the dating arena.

IN : Wellness-Focused DatesOUT : Netflix and Chill

Step aside, Netflix and Chill – this August, we’re all about embracing wellness-focused dates. Whether it’s a serene yoga session in the park, a leisurely stroll through nature’s beauty, or perhaps a blissful couples’ spa day, these dates are trending hard at the moment because they make for some enigmatic and engaging experiences. However, they’re more than just a fun outing – they reveal something deeper. It shows that you both prioritize taking care of yourselves, mental and physically, and value staying active and healthy. By choosing these activities, you’re signalling to your potential partner that their well-being matters to you. So in my humble opinion, it’s time to swap those lazy couch potato days/nights for some truly invigorating and refreshing experiences that promote relaxation and a sense of balance.

IN: Conscious DatingOUT: Mindless Swiping

As dating apps continue to evolve, it thankfully seems singles are adopting a more mindful approach to swiping. We’ve collectively discovered that it’s not just about finding any match; it’s about finding the right match – someone who complements your life and shares your vision for the future. Conscious dating again emphasises quality over quantity, involves setting clear intentions, being open to growth, and actively seeking partners who align with your personal goals. This trend promotes more meaningful connections and reduces time spent on incompatible matches, because frankly, who has time for that. Platforms like, oh I dunno… FROME ( lol ) are helping shift the dating experience for the positive by encouraging intentional and purposeful connections with features that limit chat time and only allow one match per day. No more hiding behind a screen my babe, swiping through profiles like you’re flipping through a never-ending menu. Put those tired thumbs to rest.

IN : Dating IRLOUT: Endless Texting

Listen up, folks, because there’s a dating revolution underway. The days of endless texting and delayed meetups are quickly becoming a thing of the past. In their place, a desire for genuine human interaction… and let me tell you, it’s about damn time ! Sure, texting has its perks, but let’s be honest – nothing compares to the magic of meeting someone in person. Those moments of delicious eye contact and shared laughter hold a special power to ignite true chemistry like nothing else. It’s the electricity in the air when your hands brush against each other, the excitement of discovering the little quirks that make your date unique, and the joy of truly being truly present with one another. No more swiping fatigue, no more texting limbo – just genuine, heart-to-heart encounters that set the stage for something extraordinary. Be bold, be brave… step out from behind the screen and into the real world.

IN : Mindful BoundariesOUT : Overextending Yourself

Let’s face it – dating can be exhilarating, but it can also be emotionally draining if we’re not careful. That’s why this trend towards mindful boundaries is a breath of fresh air. Gone are the days of spreading ourselves thin and saying “yes” to every dating opportunity that comes our way. Instead, we’re all about gracefully setting boundaries and prioritizing experiences that bring us genuine joy and fulfillment. It’s all about knowing our limits and being unapologetically selective about where we invest our time and energy. Taking the time to check in with ourselves and honor our feelings is key. Another important aspect of mindful boundaries is being honest and upfront with our partners or potential dates. Communicating our needs and boundaries openly and respectfully creates a space for genuine connections to thrive. It also sets the foundation for healthy relationships built on trust and mutual respect. Let’s embrace the freedom that comes with setting boundaries, and create a dating experience that is enriching and fulfilling for all involved. Cheers to taking care of ourselves my babe, and saying “yes” to what truly lights us up.

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