Solo, Not Sorrow: Finding Joy in being Single on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day: a day of roses, chocolates, and heart-shaped everything. A day dedicated to love, but for many singles, it can also stir up a whirlwind of emotions. From the pressure to find a date to the wistful longing of having somebody special, the spectrum of feelings is vast and varied. However, amidst the romantic frenzy, one truth remains: if you don’t have a valentine, you can and should be your own. So I say we forget the tired narrative that V Day is exclusively for couples. Love knows no bounds my babe – it comes in many forms: platonic, familial, and most importantly, self-love. Today’s blog is shifting the spotlight from romantic relationships to the broader spectrum of love, reminding yourself that every type of love is worthy of celebration. The highest on the pecking order being your own. Grab a big ol’ glass of wine, and let’s dive in…

Solo, Not Sorrow

Let’s set the record straight: being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean drowning in a sea of sorrow or wallowing in self-despair. It’s about reveling in the freedom of solitude, unshackled by societal expectations or romantic pressures. Embrace the joy of your own company, relish in the luxury of choice, and bask in the glow of self-sufficiency. Frame it as ” You’re not alone; you’re confidently standing on your own.

A Gift to Be More Self-Loving

Consider this: being single on Valentine’s Day is a gift in disguise. Flying solo isn’t just a circumstance; it’s a hidden blessing waiting to be unwrapped. It’s a chance to delve into the depths of self-discovery and embrace self-love without inhibition. Seize this moment as an invitation for profound introspection, where you can cultivate personal growth, wrap yourself in layers of compassion, and establish an unbreakable bond with your innermost desires and needs. I believe this day isn’t about waiting for someone to sweep you off your feet—it’s about stepping into your own power and declaring ownership over your happiness. So don’t let it slip by unnoticed; instead, seize it with both hands and infuse it with purpose and intention.. This day is yours to claim – make it count.

Ways to Love Yourself on the Day of Lovers

Now, let’s talk practical. How can you show yourself some proper love on Valentine’s Day? Below I’ve compiled a list of some tips and tricks to help you achieve maximum self love :

Create a Self-Love Playlist: Curate a playlist filled with songs that uplift and inspire you. Whether it’s empowering anthems or soothing melodies, let the music envelop you in a cocoon of self-love and positivity.

Treat Yourself to a Mini Adventure: Shake up your routine and embark on a mini adventure, whether it’s exploring a new neighborhood, trying a new activity, or simply taking a scenic walk in nature. Embrace spontaneity and savor the joy of discovery.

Write Yourself a Love Letter: Take some time to reflect on all the things you love and appreciate about yourself. Write yourself a heartfelt love letter expressing your gratitude, admiration, and affection. Celebrate your strengths, accomplishments, and unique qualities.

Join us at a Singles Event: FROME is hosting several gatherings nationwide for our single community. Put on your favorite outfit, one that makes you feel absolutely fabulous, and come join us for a night of fun, flirtation, and connection ! If you’re in LA, join Joe and I at The Victorian in Santa Monica as FROME teams up with BESA to create an unforgettable evening filled with drinks, games, vendors, and the hottest DJ in town.

Dive into a Self-Love Spa Day: Treat yourself to a luxurious spa day at home. Draw a bubble bath, light some candles, put on your favorite soothing music, and pamper yourself with face masks, body scrubs, and a relaxing massage. You deserve it!

Declutter and Organize Your Space: Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to declutter and organize your living space. Clear out any clutter, rearrange furniture, and create a calming and harmonious environment that reflects your personal style and preferences. A tidy space can help promote a sense of calm and well-being

Get Creative in the Kitchen: Spend the day experimenting in the kitchen and cooking up a storm. Try out new recipes, bake your favorite treats, or whip up a fancy dinner for one. Enjoy the process of cooking and savoring delicious homemade food made with love.

    End the Day with Self-Reflection: Before you drift off to sleep, take a few moments for self-reflection. Acknowledge the love and care you’ve shown yourself throughout the day, and set an intention to carry this spirit of self-love and compassion into the days ahead.

    Cheers to self-love, my dear friend, and to many more days of celebrating the magnificent, radiant beings that we are. Until next time, remember: you are worthy, you are deserving, and you are loved.

    HJF for First Rounds On Me


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