Saying Goodbye to the Swipe

Can we ever forget the beautifully gilded stories we hear from our grandparents or parents of a time where love, dating and relationships seemed a little simpler ? When courting was still very much in play, where the only way to get a date was to quite literally ask someone to their face, when the only options we had where the ones we saw before our very eyes. That simplicity and ease of connection is something we innately crave, wouldn’t you agree ? But of course, we had to adapt with the technological times. Enter Dating Apps. Now I’d be completely remiss if I didn’t admit that they have afforded us a brand new world of dating. But just as with any advancement, dating in the digital age comes with it’s own set of pros and cons. And in my opinion, the biggest thorn in our collective side seems to be The Swipe.

You see, I’m a big believer that the pursuit of love and true connection requires genuine effort, attention, and most definitely a willingness to go beyond the digital realm. And while swiping has become synonymous with modern dating, seeming like a convenient way to navigate the sea of potential matches, it often comes at a cost. So in today’s topic, I want to delve into the reasons why the swipe has become detrimental to the authenticity, depth, and excitement that once defined dating. And why based on that, I’m able to confidently say that our app, First Rounds On Me, is going to revolutionise the dating landscape as we know it.

I know, I KNOW…. How could I give a completely unbiased view on such a subject when the man I love lives and breathes it, which in tern means I basically do too ? Well, I may not be able to. But what I can do is take all of the dating data I’ve collected over the years, the genuine and sincere reactions from so many wonderful humans at our events/pop up’s, mine and my friends own annoyances with apps and the general musings and moans of dating today; mush them all together and form the opinion you’re about to read. So without further a-due my friends, let’s dive in….

A Synopsis Of Why Swiping is Outdated: I could speak on this subject for a few straight hours, but I’ll condense it to a few concise points. One, swiping perpetuates a culture of instant gratification. It encourages a mentality of endless options and disposable connections, that will only ever breed a lack of investment and commitment. Secondlyswiping reinforces a problematic power dynamic. It creates an inherent imbalance in the relationship, where one person is more invested than the other, and the power dynamics are skewed from the outset. Thirdlyswiping encourages a mentality of passivity rather than active engagement. With so many potential matches, it becomes easy to fall into the trap of endless scrolling and mindless swiping, without making a genuine effort to connect with someone on a deeper level. We become trapped in a cycle of perpetual swiping, forever seeking the elusive perfect match. This not only wastes our time but also fosters a sense of detachment and disengagement that can spill over into other areas of our lives.

The Importance of Face-to-Face Interactions in Modern Dating: In a world where technology dominates our social lives, it’s easy to forget the power of in-person connection. Swiping left and right, sending messages that never get a response, and feeling like you’re constantly competing with other potential matches can leave just about anyone feeling incredibly burnt out and discouraged. We here at First Rounds on Me felt that on a deep level, and in tern wanted to offer something different. By encouraging our users to meet up in person and skip the endless messaging and swiping, we are attempting to bring back the excitement and mystery of traditional dating in the digital age. From the playful banter that can only be conveyed through facial expressions to the electric touch of a hand brushing against yours, these moments hold a depth and richness that no amount of virtual interaction can replicate.

The Power of Intentionality  In a sea of constant distractions and fleeting connections, the power of intentionality stands tall as a beacon of hope. It has the uncanny ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, to turn a casual encounter into a life-changing connection. It’s the conscious decision to infuse purpose and meaning into every interaction, every moment. It’s the choice to show up fully, to invest our energy wholeheartedly into one person at a time. Instead of passively swiping through profiles until our thumbs legitimately hurt, we should be identifying our priorities, and actively seeking connections that are aligned with our authentic selves. We here at FROME dared to challenge the superficiality and casual nature that has become synonymous with modern dating. By encouraging our users to take the initiative and offer that symbolic first round, it sparks a shift in mindset—a return to the power of intentionality. Helping us navigate the inevitable maze of choices with a greater sense of clarity and confidence.

Swiping Vs Safety – When it comes to online dating, safety must reign supreme. However with each swipe, we expose ourselves to a sea of unknowns, where catfishes, ghosters, and insincere intentions lurk deep in the shadows. This culture can lull us into a false sense of security as with just a flick of a finger, we make split-second judgments based on appearances alone, often overlooking crucial aspects that contribute to our safety and well-being. Now being vigilant, trusting our instincts, and taking necessary precautions are paramount to protecting ourselves in the digital dating world. However, having an app that places safety as a top priority is always a welcomed additive. To put it simply, we go the extra mile in prioritizing the well-being of our users. Through the stringent verification processes and a robust, diligent reporting system, our app creates a safe haven where you can feel confident and secure in your dating endeavours. It’s like having a reliable bouncer at the door, ensuring that only the most genuine and respectful individuals make their way into your romantic world. And a best friend who texts an hour into your date, just to make sure you’re okay.

Embracing the Unexpected – The swipe culture has left us with a sense of predictability. We scroll through countless profiles with this preconceived notion of what we’re looking for—a checklist of qualities that we believe will lead us to the perfect match. But what about the magic of serendipity? When we abandon the swipe, we open ourselves up to the beauty of unexpected encounters and give ourselves the chance to be pleasantly surprised. Love and connection can blossom in the most unexpected of places, with people who may not fit our predetermined criteria but who ignite that specific spark in our hearts.

Reclaiming our Time and Energy – Swipe, swipe, swipe. A seemingly never-ending cycle that drains our time and energy, leaving us exhausted on many levels. However by abandoning it ( and choosing a platform like FROME ), you open yourself to a more deliberate and intentional approach to dating—a path where genuine connections are forged, where the mantra of quality over quantity is fully embraced and emotional depth is prioritised over fleeting moments. No longer will we waste hours mindlessly scrolling, only to find disappointment or a temporary ego boost. Instead, we can focus our energy on cultivating meaningful connections in the real world. Offering, in my bumble opinion, a true and refreshing change for those who feel burnt out by the current online dating scene.

Until next time x

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