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Lovers and Friends, Hello. How are ya ? Interviewing people may just be my new favourite hobby, so to round out March I thought I’d introduce you all to a couple of the beautiful and brilliant ladies I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through FROME recently. From Models and Entrepreneurs, to Podcast Hosts and Mental Health Activist’s, every single one of their stories left me and will no doubt leave you smiling and inspired. I truly cannot thank them enough for taking the time out of their very busy schedules to sit down with me. Without further adieu, lets dive in…

First, we have the sweet Zuri Tibby. A fellow professional mannequin, she was scouted at the age of 15 and quickly rose in the ranks of our industry. She became the first black spokesmodel for Victoria’s Secret Pink, booked international campaigns that’ve taken her to all sides of this gorgeous planet, graced many a magazine and has worked with our universal queen Rihanna on her Stance sock line. She gives us opinions on working with VS, her advice for younger models and three woman in life who inspire ( plus so much more) below..

H : After peeping your instagram, I see you’ve worked with Victoria Secret ! As a model myself, I know how coveted those spots are. What was your experience like working with such an iconic company ?

Z : I loved working with them! I honestly think personality was one of the bigger things that landed me the spot. Modelling for me is more than being a “pretty face”. Beauty is so subjective and I think in order to carry a brand you have to be able to present yourself more than just surface level.

H : Best job you’ve ever had, and why ?

Z : Best job was definitely 2017 VSFS when I got my wings for the first time! I loved that experience and also loved having my own “segment” in the show just speaking about me. Another highlight was definitely traveling to the Maldives for Cosmo UK.

H : Worst experience as a model ?

Z : Definitely when I got my bangs cut on accident when they didn’t tuck my hair when applying a fake bang. It took forever to grow back.

H : What’s the biggest piece of advice you’d give to aspiring models ?

Z : I would say- stay true to who you are and don’t compromise your values. Don’t take anything personally and be prepared for lots of rejection. Stay in school, graduate and educate yourself on other things.

H : I see you’re a queen in the kitchen ! What’s your favourite meal to cook ?

Z : Definitely steak!!! I make the best steak.

H : Tell us three women in your life who inspire you, and why ? : 

Z : Rihanna – I worked with her and she’s just amazing. My mother – she is the reason I am where I am today. My grandmother – her perseverance is so inspiring.

H : What is your ultimate act of self love/care ?

Z : Skin care, cooking, cleaning, buying myself something nice ! 

Considering this is a blog that centres around relationships and dating, I want to ask a few rapid fire questions based in just that…

H : Biggest male pet peeve

Z : Men that don’t put in any effort or act nonchalant

H : What physical attributes do you find most appealing ?

Z : A good smile and nice eyes !

H : Favourite date night spot :

Z : Anywhere with good oysters and espresso martinis 

H : Worst pick up line you’ve ever heard  :

Z : “My lips would fit well with yours”

H : What are the things you look for most in a partner ? :

Z : A provider, know what they want, appreciative, clear in their intentions 

H : Have you ever used dating apps ? If so, what did you like about them and what turned you off ?

Z : Yes! I don’t like the minimal effort with most dating apps. you can like someone and they have no obligation to reply or initiate anything 

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I struggle to know where to start with this next wonderful woman, as her achievements thus far are more than most could hope to do in a lifetime. A fierce ambassador for mental health, she’s been listed as Australia’s top 100 most Influential Women, was a finalist for Young Australian of the Year and is a Pride of Australia Medalist. Drum roll please…. Introducing the incomparable and unstoppable Nicole Gibson. I felt incredibly lucky to snag a snippet of this award winning social entrepreneur’s time, and look forward to you all hearing what this truly inspiring human has to say…

H: Before we dive into anything, I wanted to share this quote from your website that holds so much power, it left me a little floored. Just so the people who are reading can understand why I’m picking myself up : “ I’m a modern-day philosopher redefining what it means to be an entrepreneur. I’m obsessed by love’s power to effect change by focusing on facilitating a tipping point in human consciousness; to successfully actualize a civilization of love by 2030 “ What an insanely beautiful ethos for life. What was the catalyst of this mindset and way of living for you ?

N : As a teenager, I experienced the power of unconditional love. I went to a creative academy rather than a regular high school, and began to struggle with anorexia nervosa. It was an extremely challenging experience; I felt like the visible difficulties I was journeying became a point of tension in almost every conversation I had. I observed how, as a society, we are so uncomfortable with what represents vulnerability and questioned the broader implication of this in our world. If we can’t meet pain with compassion, what other problems are we brushing to the side and ignoring? My school principal was the one to have the first uncomfortable conversation with me; offering to give up beer until I had hit my weight target – to support me and help me understand I wasn’t alone. This action really did change my life – I began to understand the unconditional love has the power to transform and heal; even in the most challenging of circumstances.

H : At 18 years of age, you established the Rogue and Rouge Foundation to raise awareness of mental health issues and the negative body images affecting young men and women around Australia. Then went on to present workshops and talks to more than 250 schools as part of the ‘Champions for Change’ tour, sparking many needed conversations around vulnerability, self-love, vision and connection. Can you remember a moment or story within those years that had a profound effect on you

N : These years were truly some of the most impactful years of my life. I had renounced materialism, and was one with the Australian desert, focused solely on service. I met the true meaning of life; to give. Some of the most powerful moments were simply listening to stories, and awakening to just how universal our experience is; regardless of age, gender, social class or whatever the differences were – we are more the same. I sat with disenfranchised communities and invited them into a space of healing, unity and compassion; which at first was almost met with resistance, but eventually always prevailed. I learnt that we are innately loving, and when given the opportunity, our true nature will transpire.

H : You were also the youngest ever National Mental Health Commissioner, and received the Pride of Australia Medal. Which for those who don’t know, honours Australians who have made extraordinary contributions to their communities through their selfless actions, courage, compassion and heroism. All by the age of 21. First off, Wow. What a tremendous level of achievement. Quite a broad question, but what was it like receiving such a prestigious award at such a young age ?

N : It was unexpected. I went from living in my van to dining with the Prime Minister. I learnt that success is not a matter of achievements, but rather purity of heart.

H : And did you feel as if these achievements legitimised and/or solidifed your passion and purpose for life ?

N : For me, the true qualifier of success is the level of presence I am meeting my work with.

H : You are the Founder and CEO of Love Out Loud. Initially a book, but now a company and curriculum created as a way to help people forge their own paths in healing and self love.  With10 years of professional experience, and 5 years of personal battles with mental illness under your belt, can you tell us a few of the main teachings you hope to impart to the masses ?

N : Love is a teachable skillset; it’s a strategy that can be implemented in life. It’s the willingness to lean in rather than tap out; to be curious instead of judgmental, compassionate instead of blaming. When enough of us choose this, the world really does begin to change.

H : What accomplishment are you most proud of ?

N : Waking up on the days I didn’t want to, and never giving up on my mission. Building has been filled with so many challenges, and I’m proud of the team I’ve grown around me and the revolutionary tech we are developing.

H : I suppose this next question is somewhat answered in the first, but can you tell me of any specific aspirations you have for the future ?

N : To be a rockstar, definetely.

H : Who is one woman in history that you really look up to ?

N : Amy Winehouse. She was too good, too talented and too pure for this world.

H : What is your ultimate act of self love/care ?

N : Making the time to write.To be in a total romance with it.

Considering this is a blog that centres around relationships and dating, I want to ask a few rapid fire questions based in just that…

H : Favourite date night spot ?

N : A hot as fuck hotel room. Am I allowed to say that? * Yes, yes you are.

H : What are the things you look for most in a partner, and relationship :

N : Whether or not we can write the greatest love story of all time.

H : Have you ever used dating apps ? If so, what did you like about them and what turned you off ?

N : Once, and I still struggle to admit it haha I deleted it after 1 week. I’ve always believed in serendipitous  meetings of love, call me old school.

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Marin Haugo aka @lifeofmarinnyc is a vivacious 31 year old woman on a mission. To find love that is, and she’s going about it in such a fun and unique way. Originally from Litchfield, MN, she now resides in Manhattan ( with adorable fur child Archie ) and set herself the goal of 28 dates in 28 days for the month of February, sharing the plights and triumphs with the social world. This dating experiment not only went semi viral, it inspired many to do the same. I sat down with the avid yogi and creative entrepreneur to ask the pro’s and con’s of such an experiment, what her ultimate act of self care/love is and what app she would be recommend to the masses after so much experience…

H : You just completed what one could call a dating marathon, going on 28 dates in 28 days. What prompted it ?

M :  I was painfully single and didn’t want my 30s to pass by without me putting intentional and consistent effort into dating ! 

H : You’ve seemingly influenced an entire group of people in doing this same, I’ve seen iterations of your marathon all across social media. First, what has been the best, and worst part aspect of this experiment for you ?

M : The best aspect is that I’ve met some amazing men and built a supportive community on Instagram. The worst has been neglecting my self care.. my sleep schedule is off and I’ve definitely gained a few lbs but life is cyclical and right now I’m in a cycle of prioritizing love

H : And what’s the biggest piece of advice you’d give to hopeful daters ?

M : Dating is a numbers game. Zoom out and understand your bigger vision for your life and then set your standards based upon those goals and stick to them. If someone doesn’t meet your standards, don’t try to change them, rather communicate them and if not respected, keep it moving. 

H : Your new mission is 2 dates per week until you find love. So I have to ask, are there any serious contenders as of yet, or are you still just enjoying to the process ? 

M: Yes, there are 2 serious contenders at this point. I’m enjoying the process but I definitely have a crush 

H : We are in the last week of Woman’s Month, so please tell us three woman in your life who inspire you, and why ? : 

M : My mom is unconditional with her love & support and makes me laugh the most, my friend Cat Quinn, she has been a guiding light and mentor in the influencing world and always believed in me and my sister Anna Argo who is my business manager and the head of business development at a biotech start-up. She is a powerhouse. 

H : Who is one woman in history that you really look up to :

M : Oprah is my North Star— she is beyond impressive and everything I hope to become

H : Tell us your favourite “ woman supporting woman “ story :

M : I have too many to count… women are stronger together 

H : What is your ultimate act of self love/care ?

M : Never betraying myself for another, showing up for myself daily in all aspects of lif

Considering this is a blog that centres around relationships and dating, I want to ask a few rapid fire questions based in just that…

H : What attributes do you find most appealing in a potential partner ? 

M : Boss energy 

H : Favourite date night spot ?

M : Dante –

H : Worst pick up line you’ve ever heard  :

M : Hi, I’m your future ex husband 

H : What are the things you look for most in a relationship ?

M : A true partner to build a life with. I want to be in love with my best friend who I can be a power couple with but also goofy, loving and soft with 

H : Clearly you’ve had some experience with dating apps. What did you like about them, and what turned you off ?

M : I like that they let you know who’s single and who’s interested. It’s an easy way to get momentum in your love life 

H : What app would you personally recommend ?

M : Hinge, Bumble and of course First Rounds on Me 

Find more of Marin at – &

Last, but certainly not least we have the eloquent and effervescent Melissa Brazilia. Fellow Model, Mental Health Activist, Entrepreneur and Creator/Host of the Very Human Collective, the 30 year old LA native wears many hats, and wears them damn well. Her interview was so insightful, honest and in-depth. With talks of inspiration and aspirations for Very Human, ultimate acts of self care/love, what advice she’d give to emerging models and just so much more, I’m very excited for you all to hear what she has to say...

H : Can you give us a couple of sentences that encompass who you are as a person, and what you do for a career ?

M :  I am fortunate to work full-time as a model and collaborate with a diverse range of brands, including beauty, lifestyle, swimwear, music videos, and commercials. In my free time, I enjoy tending to my garden and using the fresh herbs I’ve planted to create flavorful meals in the kitchen. I prioritize my physical and mental health through activities like yoga and hiking, and hope to one day be able to experience a secondary home in a different country that will be an investment project but also a sacred place for myself, family, and friends to unravel & relax in a peaceful & positively stimulating environment.

H : You created and host the Very Human Collective, a YouTube channel, podcast and space dedicated to the celebration of the human experience through conversations that unite, inspire & enrich. What was your initial inspiration behind this beautiful idea ? 

M: Back in 2016, my journey took a turbulent turn, leading me to experience a profound spiritual awakening. As I began to share my story, discoveries, and ideas with others, both in my personal life and on my platform, I was astounded by the level of resonance and conversation it sparked. In today’s world, where social media bombards us with so much noise and facades, I believe it’s crucial to spread love, light, and honest positivity to balance out the energies at play.

That’s why I created Very Human: a space where we can have raw, honest conversations with people from all walks of life. A platform that inspires and uplifts us to think more deeply, be vulnerable, and live fulfilling lives. I named it Very Human because at our core, no matter our differences, we are all Very Human, and that’s what makes us relatable.

H : And what has been the greatest, and most challenging aspect of trying to grow such a space ? 

M : Truthfully, I faced personal challenges last year when launching Very Human, and had to take a step back to prioritize my own wellbeing. But what I find truly remarkable and inspiring is that setbacks like these are an undeniable part of our human experience. Though it was a deeply personal journey, I know that someone else out there can relate to my struggles and find comfort in knowing they’re not alone. I am eager to share my stories with my audience and create a genuine, heartfelt connection that transcends our individual experiences.

H : It’s curated in such a stunning way, why was the visual element so important to you ?

M : I focused heavily on the visual aspect of Very Human to represent my guests’ personalities and personal brands in a comfortable, intimate setting. Each location was selected based on its suitability for the guest’s vibe, and I aimed to create a viewing experience that made the audience feel like they were part of the conversation. The goal was to cultivate a profound connection between viewers and guests through a visually stunning, intimate environment.

H : And what are your aspirations for Very Human in the future ? 

M : For me, the future of Very Human is all about cultivating a sense of connection and unity among people from all walks of life. I have many exciting ideas for the project, but my ultimate goal is for it to serve as a symbol of the beauty and richness of humanity in all its diversity. I envision a future where Very Human is recognized as a powerful force for love, unity, and authenticity in a world that can often feel disconnected and fragmented. By creating a space that celebrates our shared experiences and promotes open and honest communication, I believe that Very Human can help to bring people together and foster a greater sense of empathy and understanding. Ultimately, I hope that it becomes a name that is synonymous with all that is good and true about our collective human experience.

H : You’re a fellow professional mannequin ! I know from personal experience that the industry is notorious for stepping on people’s self worth. What’s one piece advice you’d give to a younger model that would help them stay secure within themselves ?

M : What an insightful question. If I were to offer advice to a younger model, I would encourage them to always prioritise their energy, heart, and mind above all else. Through my own experiences, I have learned the invaluable lesson of not taking things personally. While it may be disappointing to not be selected for a particular job, I trust that everything happens for a reason and that the right opportunities will come my way. Moreover, if a situation arises in which an agency or client oversteps boundaries or makes unwarranted remarks, I have found that it is possible to advocate for oneself in a manner that is both professional and respectful. Above all else, it is essential to nourish oneself with a sense of empowerment, remembering that one possesses a powerful voice that can and should be utilized when necessary.

H : What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a model?

M : I must confess that being pigeonholed, whether it is due to clients’ preference for my curly hair or their perception of me as an “urban” model, has been a source of frustration for me. I firmly believe that I am capable of achieving great things when given the chance, and I have found that the most satisfying projects are those where clients have a clear vision and recognise my potential to exceed expectations beyond my typical look.

H : Best experience, and why ?

M : I often find myself reflecting on the beauty of being able to work in different jobs, with different people, in different locations. It’s a reminder that life is full of unique experiences waiting to be discovered, and I feel grateful for the opportunity to constantly learn and grow through these diverse experiences.

H : We are in the last week of Women’s Month, so please tell us three women in your life who inspire you, and why ?

M : My mother is an incredible woman who has inspired me in countless ways. Despite facing many challenges and obstacles throughout her life, she has always remained strong, determined, and resilient. Her unwavering perseverance and strength have taught me so much about my own power and worth in this world. My sister, a truly selfless and evolved individual, is a remarkable mother of four who I aspire to emulate in my own future family. Finally, my friend Kacie is a shining beacon of hope and perseverance, defying the odds with grace and determination as she relentlessly pursues her dreams and aspirations.

H : Who is one woman in history that you really look up to :

M :I just love Oprah. Whenever I’m feeling a little lost in my hosting career, I always turn to her for some inspiration. The way she connects with people from all different backgrounds and makes them feel empowered is just amazing. She’s a total trailblazer in the industry and she uses her platform to bring light to the world.

H : Tell us your favourite “ woman supporting woman “ story :

I don’t have one off the top of my head but I just love to see women speaking highly of other women when they’re NOT in the room, advocating for them, putting value on their name, and rooting for one another. 

H : What is your ultimate act of self love/care ? 

M : Alone time is a precious and essential element of my life. It’s a time where I get to indulge in whatever my soul and mind crave without any interruptions. Whether it’s indulging in a good book, trying out a new recipe, or simply basking in the serenity of nature, it’s my moment to recharge, reflect, and rejuvenate. The freedom to delve into my thoughts, dreams, and aspirations is what makes this time so invaluable to me.

This is a blog that centres around relationships and dating, I want to ask a few questions based in just that…

H : You are engaged, congratulations !! How did you meet your man ?

M : Thanks! Instagram y’all. Ha.

H : And when did you know he was the one ?

M : 2 1/2 years after we met … long story. You can hear all about it in the FROME episode. 

H : Favourite date night spot ?

M : Ahhh, Hatchet Hall! So yummy and a great atmosphere.

H : Favourite thing about your partner ? 

M : He’s such a pure soul with a good heart. It’s hard to pick a favorite thing about him when everything he does is my favorite. His intellect, kindness, empathy, silliness, and work ethic all make him one of a kind in my eyes.

H : What do you think he’d say is his favourite thing about you?

M : Everything. Haha. My humility  

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