“Fall in love ” with my top picks of NYC bars

I know, I’m sorry for the slightly cringy title. But it’s the only time of year I’m able to use it and I refuse to be robbed of this simple, dorky joy. Hi, Hannah here ! Today’s topic of discussion are my thoughts and overall selling points on the most mouthwatering and seasonally appropriate beers, wines and/or cocktails available this fall in one of my many homes, New York.

Ahh, Fall in NY is my favorite”.. I’ve heard so many people say that, both in jest and all seriousness. But personally, this season in this city holds a very special place in my heart. It was the first time I ever saw a beautifully browned leaf actually fall from a tree that lined the sidewalk next to Central Park. Like a movie. It continues to inspire my favorite types of fashion, in fact I’ve worn 4 of my top 10 personally styled outfits there and then. I’ve had some of the best and most joy filled drunken nights on bar crawls Sept-Dec ( to some places below, and just so many more ).. And to top it off with the biggest and most delicious cherry of all time, the love of my life proposed to me on the roof of his old west village apartment at twilight, in the sweetest style. Just him and I, with the entire city watching… like a fucking movie..

So I feel I have the right to recommend a cornucopia of delicious drunkenness that was facilitated by some of my favorite fall haunts. Now I’m going to break this up in area’s, so y’all can choose the bar crawl that best suits your day/night. 

West Village : My favorite place in NY ( for obvious reasons )

Okay let’s start with one of my favorite bars, both in spirits and in name.  The Happiest Hour https://www.happiesthournyc.com/ offers true Old Fashioned’s on tap ( I’m drooling just imagining that ) and the “Mulekick” as it’s the perfect fall cocktail, made and muddled with the finest apple brandy and ginger. The added bonus being they offer cocktail pitchers, buckets of beer and a DELICIOUS veggie burger ( or straight up cow if it’s your style ), I highly recommend this be at least a part of your night.

Julius https://www.instagram.com/juliusbarnyc/?hl=en on W 10th is New York’s oldest operating gay bar, opening 1862 and they’ve been fierce ever since. A place for the absolute best vibes, a smattering of mouthwatering mixed drinks, grilled cheeses ( and other cheap eats ) as far as the eye can see from their in-house grill, I promise it has everything your heart and liver can handle. 

My top pick for the village? Employees Only https://employeesonlynyc.com/. Hands down. Everytime. Single. Time. The chicest vibe, literally like stepping back in time and they make a dangerous dirty martini. I had one the night of our engagement. Some of my other favorite libations include the Floral Provencal, a silky blend of lavender-infused gin ( confusing yet delicious for me as I LOVE lavender but detest gin ), the Hi-Octane made with aged rum and scotch, vermouth, Grand Marnier and bitters ( can you say hangover in the best way ? ) or the Monkey Business which has monkey shoulder scotch shaken with lime & pineapple juice, banana liquor & cinnamon finished with a rinse of smokey scotch. Honestly, order anything because its all outstanding, and say G’day to Reece at the door as he’s the friendly face you’ll most likely see before stepping into the Employees Only world. 

Lower East Side : My choice for all the deceptively delicious dives

The Flower Shop https://www.theflowershopnyc.com/ is actually owned by an old friend of mine, Ronnie Flynn ( oi, hey ! ) and his business partner Dylan Hales. It’s been a favorite since opening in 2017 and as the name depicts, is full of all the glorious foliage we so sorely miss when operating within the concrete jungle. Fun and endearing fact ? They actually arrange the flowers themselves after sourcing them from local flower shops in Chinatown. If that alone doesn’t peak your interest to visit, I promise the vibes, food and liquor will. For drinks, I suggest The Spanky ( passionfruit, cinny, mezcal and lime… YUM ) or The Cold Brew Martini. For food.. well damn. The Party Pie and Fried Buttermilk Chicken are a must but my personal favorite ( being a veggie lover ) is the Pan Roasted Cauliflower Steak. This place is perfection on every level, and just be may be my favorite from the entire east side.

A quote from Timeout explains this fancier find perfectly ” The dimly lit speakeasy inside Freemans feels like a formal yet comfortable 18th-century seaside tavern “. But supposedly, that’s were the old world of Banzarbarhttps://www.banzarbar.com/ ends, and the modern mouthwatering movement starts. Located on the top level of the iconic Freeman’s, my favorite fall cocktail has to be the warm apple-brandy–spiked Fortune and Glory as it comes in an adorable blue-and-white tea set and meets every autumn expectation. And would highly recommend the Itameshi for ones with a more complex palate ( with the dahl trio to mop it all up) 

Arlene’s Grocery ( 95 Stanton street ) is one of the earliest rock-music venues that resides south of East Houston, and remains a hallowed hall of head-banging tunes and hedinousic drinks. You’ll need a generous definition of loud and personal space, but they’re worth every bruised ear drum and inch. Some impressive people have taken the small but powerful stage, including the Strokes which is a personal favorite. And I usually go for a draft beer or a specialty  Sam Adams so I can drink steadily and still enjoy my surroundings. Sip on the superior dive bar beverages as you indulge in all an iconic place like this would typically have to offer

Midtown : For my tourist Fromies, or NY born Masochists… 

No, im joking… there’s plenty to find within midtown if that’s the type of energy that floats your boat. I’m not super familiar with this area, so I can’t give specific drink recommendations but I will include my top few places that seem to be worthy of exploration 

  1. Hakkasan https://hakkasan.com/ is an upscale Cantonese restaurant that you wouldn’t even really know was there. There are no windows and you can barely tell the door from the building, but I’ve heard this place is famous for their mixologists and top notch drinks. With a large range of food and drinks to offer alongside fantastic interior decor, it’s something you will want to experience if you’re in the area.
  2. The Rum House https://www.therumhousenyc.com/ is widely recognized as one of the best cocktail bars in New York. It has a distinct downtown sensibility set against a classic New York backdrop and is the perfect place for a pre-theater drink, nightcap or simply just an evening in the heart of the city. 
  3. Jimmy’s Corner on W 44th is THE divey diamond in the rough of midtown. Walking distance from Times Square, it’s touted as being one of the cheapest bars in Manhattan and is decked out in some must see boxing memorabilia by the late, great Jimmy himself. An iconic staple one could say.. so that’s why it’s a must visit next week or even today.

Williamsburg – For the people who live life a little left of centreNight Of Joy https://nightofjoybar.com/ is my top left of centre pick for fall. It gives “grandma’s house ” in the best possible way, a cozy and antique strewn haven that has a ridiculous amount of cocktails to shake your tastebuds awake. My personal favorite is the Orange Blossom Rum Lemonade, but the Rosemary and Ginger Bourbon and Basil- Lime Gin Gimlet are must drinks as well. Complete with a sweetest rooftop patio, I suggest you run not walk to this beautifully unique drunken experience.

Skinny Dennishttps://www.skinnydennisbar.com/ self professes to be New York City’s premier honky tonk bar located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The bar has beast levels of beers on draft, 18 to be exact and their signature cocktails including a delicious Lonestar Michelada and the famous Willie’s Frozen Coffee are the perfect fall beverages. All sipping can be done alongside some of the best live country & roots music in New York City, or the vintage jukebox tucked away in the corner 

Blinky’s Barhttps://www.blinkysbar.com/menus/ is widely known for it’s warm and magnetic energy, the friendliest of staff lead by the coolest dudes and a wide range of deliciously different drinks both available at the bar or able to be enjoyed in their adorable ” backyard ” set up. Draft or canned beer as far as the eye can see , alongside Juneshine hard kombucha and something called a Sunboy Spiked Sparkling Coconut Water which sounds DELICIOUS. But my overall fall boozy beverage picks have to be The Passion Daiquiri ( white rum, lime juice, passion fruit ) or the Rose Gold ( dorothy parker gin, lemon, hot honey, rosemary bitters ) and both make my autumn taste buds spring to life. Any decision made here is a guaranteed good time, so put down your current and go in for a blink.

As always, myself and the entire FROME team hope you have a safe and drunken time. And truly hope the only falling you’ll be doing, is in love with these recommendations. Until next time


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