Effective Online Dating Strategies with Erika Ettin

We are back with another blog recap and this week, we had the absolute pleasure and privilege of tapping into Erika Ettin’s wealth of knowledge, exploring the intricacies of dating, relationships, and the over arching secrets to online dating success. For those not familiar with Erika, she is the founder of A Little Nudge, author of Love at First Site and with a unique blend of analytical thinking, creativity, and a penchant for puns, has been a guiding star for thousands of clients in their quest for love.

We kicked off our conversation with Erica’s remarkable and fascinating career transition. From a successful finance career to becoming a leading online dating coach, her journey is nothing short of inspiring. She shares how she found her true calling, the passion that drives her to help others find love and discusses the moments of joy and success that fuel her dedication to her craft.

We then discussed Erica’s book, “Love at First Site,” that has received acclaim for providing her readers with not just advice, but actionable insights to revolutionize their online dating experiences. She also shared some success stories from past readers who had achieved significant results, and these heartwarming stories are a testament to the effectiveness of her strategies.

Lesson learnt along the way ? As with every episode, so many. But perhaps the most profound was when we explored the evolution of online dating over the years, highlighting notable changes and trends that Erica has observed, and the common misconceptions/mistakes people make in online dating that really peaked my interest. She also provided strategies for creating a compelling online dating profile, crafting effective messages, and initiating conversations which I think any and every single person out there would find incredibly helpful.

However the above is just a drop in the bucket, as our hour with Erika flew by because there was just so much to talk about. I urge you to watch the full episode here, check out Erika’s socials here subscribe to our YT channel here, and make sure to check out all the delicious and relatable dating content our incredible FROME team puts together on Instagram and TikTok. Until next time x


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