12 Days of Dating: Embracing Solo Adventures, Friendship Dates, and the Magic of New Beginnings

The holiday season is really and truly upon us my friends. And while it’s often synonymous with love and togetherness, I believe it’s absolutely crucial to remember that December is not just for couples. In fact, it’s a fantastic time for singles to celebrate the joy of self-discovery, the thrill of stepping outside your comfort zone, the importance of strengthening bonds with family and friends, and perhaps even find romance in some unexpected places. This “12 Days of Dating” will be a delightful exploration of the diverse avenues that the season of love has to offer, beyond the traditional tales of mistletoe. A festive exploration, if you will, of the enchanting possibilities that a season of new beginnings holds. Grab a mug of hot chocolate my babe, and let’s dive in…

Day 1: Me-Time Magic – Kick off the countdown by treating yourself to a much needed solo date. Whether it’s exploring a new coffee shop, indulging in a spa day, or simply taking a long walk in the crisp winter air with your favourite music or podcast on, relish in the magic of self-discovery and embrace the joy of being alone.

Day 2: Friendship Fiesta – Friendships, often the unsung heroes of the holiday season, add an invaluable sparkle to our lives. Consider planning a cozy dinner at a favorite local restaurant, complete with seasonal delights and many hearty giggles. You could opt for a movie marathon featuring some beloved holiday classics with the most delicious of snacks, or embark on a game night filled with friendly competition and a few ( or more ) glasses of bubbly. Whatever it may be, I think the key here is to create an atmosphere where the bonds of friendship are celebrated and cherished. Just take a moment to acknowledge the warmth and camaraderie that friends bring, as they are an invaluable part of the holiday spirit, and there’s no better time to celebrate them than during the “12 Days of Dating.”

Day 3: Explore the Uncharted– Day 3 is a perfect way to challenge yourself by diving into some uncharted territories. Break free from mundane routine and discover a cozy new restaurant, a funky and festive art exhibit, or a captivating live performance that has eluded your radar until now. Stepping into unfamiliar spaces not only adds an element of excitement to your day but also opens the door to unexpected connections and the creation of memories that linger long after the holiday season concludes. Embrace the thrill of the unknown.

Day 4-6: Connect with Loved Ones – I know that not all of us are fortunate enough to be around family for the holidays, myself included. Or, may not even have the best of relationships with blood relatives. If that’s the case, call me and I’ll be your shoulder, ear and drinking buddy. However if you are, I urge you to take a few days to connect with family members. Whether through the pixels of a virtual gathering or the warm embrace of an in-person meetup, these moments present a golden opportunity to amplify the true spirit of the holiday season, a chance to deepen bonds and create lasting memories with those who hold a special place in our hearts.

Day 7-9: Self-Reflection and Renewal – As the year draws to a close, delve into introspection about your dreams, goals, and aspirations for the coming year. Use these days to not only reflect on where you’ve been but also to illuminate the path ahead with renewed vigor and self-awareness. I urge you to consider the path of personal growth you’ve walked so well and acknowledge the achievements, lessons learned, and possibly even some areas of improvement. Then set intentions that resonate with your evolving self, paving the way for a future aligned with your authentic desires.

Day 10: Romantically Yours – December can be a surprisingly romantic time to forge connections, with the festive atmosphere providing a perfect backdrop for budding love. So I say, feel the magic of the season and put yourself out there romantically ! Attend festive, local social events, join dating apps that prioritise in person connection ( ahem.. ), or for those seeking an even bolder approach, why not take the initiative and just ask someone out ? Whether it’s a longstanding crush or a newfound connection, December’s romantic ambiance provides the perfect setting to extend that heartfelt invitation.

Day 11-12: Gratitude and Joy – As the countdown reaches its final days, express gratitude for the experiences and connections made during this journey. Perhaps you’ve unearthed a profound sense of self-love, a treasure that will continue to radiate warmth in the days and months ahead. Maybe, in the spirit of the season, you’ve rekindled connections with friends and family in a way years of past haven’t allowed. Or, it could be that amidst the days of this countdown, a potential romance has caught your eye, infusing the air with the sweet scent of anticipation. Whatever your discovery, large or small, celebrate it with unwavering enthusiasm. This gratitude extends not just to the external connections but to the newfound appreciation for the person you’ve become throughout this unique journey.

As the holiday season continues to wrap us in its festive embrace, let’s carry forward the lessons learned and the memories made, embracing the spirit of the season, whether directed inward or shared with those who enrich our lives. Cheers to the magic that unfolds when we open our hearts to the journey of love, in all its beautiful forms. Until next time x


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