My Dating Highs and Horrors

Hello dear readers, Hannah here ! What a beautiful day it is, and I hope it’s been equally fantastic all week long. For the next few weeks, I thought we’d get a little more personal with ze blogs. So today’s topic of conversation are a few of my very own dating highs and horrors, which […]

What app = What city!

Helllooo ! It’s Hannah here ( duh ) and I’m hoping that this last week was delicious on all, if not most levels of life for you and the ones you love. Apologies, but today’s topic won’t be a long one by any means. It’s just I was chatting with Joe about future blog posts […]

Let’s talk about Sex…

Hi, Hannah here ! Today’s topic of discussion is one of my favorite activities, pretty much the only form of exercise I willingly do and my most preferred stress release… The Big C. Yes, I mean Coituis. Haha sorry, I can hear the “ewww ” from here and will apologize for calling it by its […]

The Highs and Lows of Dating a CEO

Hi, Hannah here ! Hope the past week has been delicious on many levels of life, and that your minds are open, drinks are in hand and we are collectively ready to dive into today’s topic. Which is, the peaks and pitfalls that are commonly associated with dating a powerful person.  I’ve never formally introduced […]

Surviving the struggles and surprises that come with LDR’s

Hi, Hannah here ! Missed you all, and hope this last week has been fan-fuckin-tastic on all if not most levels of life. Today’s topic of discussion is long distance relationships, something I’m currently living so I feel I have the right and experience to weigh in on. And actually, I find myself in even […]