A message from Joe Feminella (Founder/CEO):

“Before I moved to New York City five years ago, I had — and still do — a more traditional, old school mind set when it came to my approach to women. If I saw someone I thought was attractive or interesting, I would easily, with no hesitation, approach her and say hello. Once I moved to NYC, I recognized that most men and women my age were using dating apps — nothing like my “old school” ways. At first, I thought it was a ridiculous concept; mostly for people who did not have the confidence to approach someone in real life.

I told myself I would never use a dating app.

Once I started getting acclimated to the city, I noticed it was quite difficult to approach women. I started realizing that the men and women on these dating apps weren’t necessarily lacking confidence in approaching people in person, but rather, dating online had become the common method of meeting, and “approaching” prospective partners. So, I had no other option but to join the crowd and see what this online dating scene was all about.

As I started using different dating apps, I realized they were not providing effective ways to make real connections. Whether it was matching with too many people and having a long list of dead-end conversations, or pointless messages with people who didn’t *actually* want to go on a date, I constantly found that many people were not looking for (or finding) a real connection.

It was always a numbers game and endless swiping. Also, people would chat so much prior to initially meeting, that once it came time for the date, it was as if you already knew the person, and you would run out of things to talk about during the date. I started asking the women I was meeting on dates how they felt about the current apps, and they all had the same feedback: frustrated.

After realizing everyones’ feedback was the same, and also experiencing these issues firsthand, I realized I had to try and figure out a better way for people to meet. I wanted men and women – including myself – to have the convenience of an app, but also the ability to experience a real, old school, classic human interaction.

And that’s how I came up with the idea for First Round’s on Me (FROME).”