Spooky Szn is here


But that really doesn’t mean your dating life has to reflect the scary energy that this month can bring. I’ve compiled a list of thrilling date ideas for you and your boo to indulge in on this All Hallows’ Eve

Test your limits at an escape room

By nature designed to raise your heart rate ( in the best possible way ) and are usually a pretty good indicator of whether you and your partner can hack it together in stressful or challenging situations… Or maybe it’s just simply an excuse to hold your new boo that little bit closer 😉

Now, pre drinks are an absolute MUST for this adventure, so I’ve included some of the best bars around my favorite puzzling places !

LAB RAT ( https://www.hatchescapes.com/lab-rat ) takes place in a laboratory where giant rats are doing experiments on human beings.. Terrifyingly titillating, and full of all the creepy fun your heart’s can handle. Keeping on theme, I strongly suggest some courage building beverages at historic The Living Room Bar on Crenshaw Blvd or RBar ( https://www.rbarla.com/ ) on W 8th ! Both adding a little more thrill to your night, LRB asks you to ring a bell for access to this tiny but powerful bar, and has the added bonus of jukebox and jazz/blues shows alongside a stellar beer and wine list. Where as RBar requires a password for entry to their speakeasy-style wonderland, that of course includes the finest karaoke and has cocktails that are literally to die for.

THE ELEVATOR SHAFT ( https://basementescaperoom.com/los-angeles/theelevatorshaft ) You’ve found yourself locked inside the elevator shaft. Will you and your friends be able to follow the steps John put in place for you? Or will you perish under the weight of a 6 ton steel elevator ? I don’t know about you, but my heart starts thumping just reading the description… Now this is a little out of the way for the typical angeleno, but I promise it’s well worth the trek in every way. Especially when you stop at Truman House Tavern ( https://trumanhousetavern.com/ ) for some much needed liquid courage. It’s first come first serve, but is known city wide for the curated cocktail and craft beer list and the nice chill environment is something you’ll greatly appreciate before starting the night of scary’s. But if that’s too busy or isn’t your vibe, walk out the door in literally any direction and I promise you’ll find something that appropriately wets thy whistle.

Bloody Elbow ( https://questroom.com/rooms/bloody-elbow/ ) is a thrilling Adventure game designed to test your thinking under pressure. Set in the 15th century, you, and your friends, have been arrested for witchcraft and must escape the executioner’s dungeon before he can deliver on your death sentence. You only have 60 minutes to get out. Can you survive? Now Quest Room is a personal favorite, and has a cornucopia of fear inducing rooms… But the bloody elbow is different than your typical scary space, so trust me when I say a little tipsy goes a lonnng way. LAces ( https://www.lacesbar.com/ ) is a modern and mischievous sports bar with a long list of beers and cocktails, including mules that can be made from 8 different origins ! And even though I myself am a vegan, I hear the wings and the pressed cuban sandwich a delicious must have and I really appreciate that for my meat eating friends. There’s also The Normandie Club ( https://www.thenormandieclub.com/ ), a classically beautiful bar who’s Old Fashioned still haunts my dreams ( in the best way possible ) and truthfully the thought of their Jungle Bird cocktail has my mouth watering as I write this.

And listen, I totally understand if getting yourselves together and venturing out of the house just seems like too much effort. So I’ve got your covered with some links for all the escape room fun from the comfort of your own home : https://theescapegame.com/remote-adventures/ or https://virtualescaping.com/ 🙂

Get creative and competitive by having a boozy carving party 


( or if you’re prone to being a clumsy noodle like me, get your significant other to do the slicing and dicing as you sit back, sip and relax while admiring what those fingers are capable of 😉 )

It’s the perfect time of year for a cozy pants party, or pantless as I generally prefer. Get into your craziest ( and most importantly comfiest ) outfits, create your own custom cocktails ( some delicious suggestions here : https://insanelygoodrecipes.com/fall-cocktails/– a personal favorite being the Caramel Apple Martini ) and get dirty both in body, mind and design with your favorite person… Or pump the breaks on the naughtiness, and pump up the competitive nature by inviting a good group of friends over to join in on the fun. Regardless, winner has the buy at least the first round of fall drinks at one your favorite bars the next night !

The bar crawl to end it all

YOU MUST ( sorry to yell, but this is serious ) start the night by heading over to the lovely gals at Drink Bev ( https://drinkbev.com/ ) in Venice Beach for all the delicious canned wine your hearts and livers desire, or can handle. Before any eyebrows are raised or eyes are rolled, I too was slightly skeptical at first as I count myself an alcohol purest. And have never once met a canned beverage of any kind that floated my boat… so you can trust my liver and taste buds when we say they are DELICIOUS and have never left us with a headache, too bad of a hangover or that weird wine mouth we all know too well. The vibe is stunning, immaculate even and is arguably the most untouched insta-grammable ( def not a word, but you pick up what im putting down ) place in LA. My favorite Bev is the sparkling rose, but I can confidently say each one is more mouthwatering than the last. Now depending on how mobile you are at this point, I highly suggest you stumble on down to either The Waterfront https://www.thewaterfrontvenice.com/ or The Venice Ale House https://www.venicealehouse.com/ for allll the beverages ( I always go for the beers ) with the most beautiful of views. Or, over to the famous Abott Kinney to The Butchers Daughter (https://www.thebutchersdaughter.com/la/ ) or Greenleaf Kitchen and Cocktails ( https://www.eatdrinkgreenleaf.com/locations/venice ) where you’ll sip in style while watching the wonders and weirdness that is Venice Beach. My best bet to end out the night ? TownHouse http://www.townhousevenice.com/ to drink and dance until you just simply cannot, and drop those three fateful words… ” I need pizza “.

Netflix and Thrill, with a side of Chill

We’re all adults here, so I’m not going to explain the multitude of delicious ways a night like this could be played… but I will leave some sweet and sexy idea’s suggestions for movies and/or games that could add a lil’ extra love, laughter and spice into an otherwise chill night.

For games, I suggest We Are Not Really Strangers https://www.werenotreallystrangers.com/ for the perfect way to inject a heavy dose of intimacy into your night. A favorite of Joe and I’s, we always walk away feeling more understanding of and connected to each other. Or, and truthfully this is something I’ve been intrigued with for quite some time, is purchasing a Love is Art kit. Plenty of different websites to choose from, so I’ll let you find something that fits your own specific needs. But the basic premise is that you and your loved one strip down, cover yourselves in body safe, mostly edible paint and make love ( or at the least fool around ) to create your very own piest de resistance. Let her dry, and hang in a prominent place as a constant reminder of that naughty night.

For movies, listen… I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to the scary stuff. Actually, a big one. Like, I have to be able to get up and move around while making very loud gestures and opinions as to why the characters are such fucking idiots for going into that house, REFUSE to watch without every single light on and frequently shield both eyes and ears in pure terror. But I’ve heard through my most trusted scary sources that Smile is best for the classic frightful jumps, Fresh for an even creepy edge to the typical guts and gore, and Barbarian if you just want to be utterly terrified in every single way. No, seriously…my best friend explained the entire plot at 11am over coffee and even that gave me nightmares.

Whatever you choose to do this spooky holiday season, myself and the entire FROME team hope you have the safest and most drunken time possible. Be sure to keep up with our weekly blogs on all things Love, Life, Sex and Dating. Stay current on our Socials for future Q&A’s, more info on upcoming Pop-Ups, and any updates on our very own halloween party in NYC !

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