From·me (N.)

First Round’s On Me is the dating app for people who want to date intentionally and actually meet in person for a real date. Statistically, users are 100x more likely to go on a date using FROME compared to the other major dating apps. praised us for our intentional and genuine approach to dating.


  1. Date night made easy!
    Helps you plan your dates. Select drink, day & time, and venue for your invite – setting up that first date is a breeze!
  2. Intentional Connections!
    One date per day, one connection at a time. Avoid overwhelming matches and small talk. Cherish each connection with one confirmed date daily.
  3. No more Pen Pals!
    In-app chat opens 12 hrs before the date. Real-life connections matter – meet in person, not through screens!


In the modern dating app landscape, singles often find themselves trapped in endless small talk and lost among numerous matches, resulting in rare real-life meetups. Enter First Round’s On Me—a game-changing dating app designed to break this cycle. Our app is engineered to transcend virtual conversations and facilitate actual in-person dates.

  1. When you spot someone intriguing, initiate contact with a date invitation. Pick a drink, choose a date and time, and suggest a venue. We streamline the process of planning a first date, focusing on purposeful connections rather than mindless swiping.
  2. Upon receiving an invite, the recipient has the option to accept, decline, or propose an alternative plan. This approach promotes intentionality and compatibility from the get-go.
  3. Once a date is confirmed, it’s locked in both users’ calendars. Our in-app chat box only opens 12 hours prior to the scheduled date. We believe that genuine connection happens face-to-face, not through screens.
  4. After the initial interaction, it’s over to you. The potential of the relationship rests in your hands. You’ve got this! First Round’s On Me is here to spark authentic connections and empower you to take the plunge into meaningful, in-person experiences.


  1. Availability Made Clear: Use ‘Calendar Block Off’ to indicate your free days for potential dates. Flexibility is key, and you can modify anytime.
  2. Express Interest: Signal someone you’re keen for a date – we’ll notify them. Discover mutual interest by clicking the heart icon in your calendar tab. Find those who’d like you to initiate. Dates can be set within 7 days.


  1. When a user sees someone of interest, they can, not will send a drink request that suggests a date, time, and venue.

  2. If the receiver accepts the date, the two users are locked to each other for that day.

  3. Save the chit-chat for real life, the messaging function will only open up six hours before the date begins.

  4. Once you meet at the venue, the rest is up to you. You will only be able to communicate on the app for 6 hours after your date’s scheduled start time.